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Device similar to the microwave which uses MACROwaves to cool food items.
Hey marsh, can you please put my soda in the macrowave for 30 seconds to make it a bit colder.
by polarbigi March 16, 2007
a microwave that has been modified to be able to "wave" larger items.
Dude, just macrowave the full size watermelon.
by spielll June 21, 2010
A macintosh computer that will cook itself after realising it's not running windows OS.
Guy 1: hey isn't that your computer steaming?

Guy 2: nah, it's a macrowave.
by DanlikesLaura June 18, 2009
Like a Microwave except for hip people because it's made by Apple.
Cool Guy: I gotta heat up my no name instant noodles, can I use your MACrowave

Dork: Huh?

Cool Guy: Aww don't tell me you're still using a microwave, I bet you use a Zune and a PC too.
by VegaIndian February 03, 2011
a really big microwave (typically industrial, or just large due to it's age)
"takes about 20 minutes to cook a hotdog in that macrowave"
by protocoldroid June 21, 2004