An IRC geek. Friend of ultrasex. Defender of the hopeless.
Macros is a geek.
by Macros March 24, 2003
Character from Magician, a book by Raymond E. Feist.
Macros The Black
by Macros March 24, 2003
Wonderful-iRC-geekoid! :> Super-sweet, and super-kind :>
"Ultra|seX, entertain me, i`m bored!"
by Ultra|seX March 24, 2003
So hard up and desperate for a root that he will openly and publicly spade anyone that will definitely put out.
"caley is a gorgeous, cute, friendly, funny, lovely person. Caley is luffly."
by saddam March 25, 2003
1. The oppiste of Micro, basically discribes something big.

2. In the furry fandom, macro is used to describe used to describe 50 ft^ anthros, like the kind you see in Rampage. Macro charectars are often used in Furry RPs, and theres a crapload of art based on the concept, It has really became a sub-fandom of the Furry fandom.
1. An event of macro proportions.

2. ROGUE is a macro wolf.
by Pyro Maniac May 09, 2004
Something that is way cool. Too big to be described as merely "awesome". Opposite of micro.
Did you see that movie? That shit's way macro.
by UrbanFool1234555 November 18, 2008
Someone who carries the obsessive compulsive disorder of Not Shutting Up (NSU). Believes to be a an all star human that has the highest of intelligence but is often laughed at for his lack of common sense and true idiocy. If he would be quiet once in awhile, people make enjoy his company.
Dude, that guy has way too much macro going on.
by Peteyboy007 March 27, 2008

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