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In strategical games macro is the skill of making sufficient units all the time, without having further problems by this. In order to have a good macro, you need speed and a good eco.
If someone were to produce a tank every 15 seconds while he is busy dealing with actual battles and micro, this could be seen as good macro since the eco has enough time to rebuild and there is a constant feed of that unit.
Nada's macro is so gosu, he manages to outnumber all his enemies
by Xeo March 13, 2005
The most uber person on the Vault Morningthaw Messageboards. Yep, that's about all :D
by Xeo July 14, 2003
Although there is no specific definition for micro I would define it as the following:
Maximal killing of enemy units with minimal losses of your own units through the use of strategical movement and optimal use of your units' advantages.
Micro can be used to survive when being outnumbered but it is generally used by skilled people all the time during gameplay.
Next to micro, a player also has his macro to watch out for, these should be harmoniously balanced.
Man, he just killed 10 zealots with 3 marines! Gosu micro kekekekeke ^_^
by Xeo March 13, 2005
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