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(noun) a nickname for any talented basketball player that is below average height.
(in comparision to the NBA star, Muggsy Bogues.)
1) Damn, Lil man can ball. You let Mugzy cross you like that?
by Brolic child March 16, 2009
Its a basketball player, mugsey bogues. Played for the hornets back in the day. Itty bitty nigga too.
Mugsey cant jam that shit.
by blazed December 01, 2004
1. An adjective that describes a below average size male basketball player.
2. A name for a dog.
3. A small cute dog that is feisty and can be a cunt as well.
Mugzy stop being a cunt! yells at the dog.
Yo, that dude is like mugzy when he plays. Look at those skills bro!
by Godzilla0430 April 17, 2016
1.A very small man who spends his time slappin da salami
2.A name for little girls who are stupid jeds and go to Maquarie uni
3. see also pin
1.oh look there is Mugzy, he is a jed
2.hey mugzy is still a jed
by Carey April 20, 2003
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