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The happiest, livliest ska band ever. Great music, make syou want to dance with every song.
"Theres a ska band,
on my street.
A little ska band.
Everybody thinks their sooooo f**king neat."

(Everything Sucks, Reel Big Fish)
by Tris November 02, 2003
Best ska band EVER. Go DL them right now. :@
RBF 0wnz
by RBF 0wnz August 30, 2003
Best. Ska Band. Ev-er
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
The most skatanic band alive. Rivaling Catch 22 and unbelievably happy. THE BEST SKA BAND IN THE WORLD
"Reel Big Fish is hella happy"
by Antwanie August 11, 2003
Skawesome upbeat ska band, who just released their newest album, "We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy".
Go to, and then buy all their albums, and give them the rest of your money
by ChillyGod March 21, 2005
The three best words in the english dictionary.
Reel Big Fish is love. You know this logic to be true. <3
by Duskalts August 24, 2005
A fantastic ska-pop band from southern California. Great music to dance to and just makes you happy when you hear it. Usualy has cynical lyrics with upbeat melodies that add up into a near-perfect combo.
I sure do love all of Reel Big Fish's work, including "Cheer Up!"
by SgtSalad October 01, 2005

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