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phrase used where the is s gap in conversation and noone knows how to start it up again
Timbo says: I like men
Jizzles says: lalala...
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
one of the coolest things EVER!!!
I love being able to sleep in the centre of a double bed and not have any stinky losers beside me
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
universal word for another person
Hey fella, do you like stuff?
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
extremely good looking being, situated in the study centre, who will one day fall for jess
Hot techy... I'd hit it.
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
ideal weight
must b 58kg for formal, and even ealier hopefully
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
addictive program used to communicate with people you like and dislike, often consisting of stir frys and soup pots which provides no use but some temporary enertainment from a boring life of dieting and working, and somehow is the thing you most look forward to once home from school except for listening to reel big fish
so i said to the guy 'red mnm, green mnm, they all wind up the same colour in the end'
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
man with fine nipples... other nicknames bein jizzles n derick brooks
jangalang... come do that freaky thang wit ur eye again
by jizzles March 17, 2003
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