Short for Magic or Mana points, used in many rpgs
HMM cost 5000 MP??!?!?!?!
by SirZat, That sexy beast March 13, 2005
magic power the amount offen use with hp
i dont have enough mp to cast that spell
by petterson February 27, 2005
online abreviation for "my pleasure" often used as a responce to thank you.
person A - back
person B - wb
person A -ty
person N -mp
by karate December 07, 2003
The Most Dangerous Gang In all of Murdaland USA these niggaz have been known to go hard and be in numerous fights.
Those MP niggaz go harder then anybody that i know...
#mp #gang #mpgang.mafioso #peligroso #damn
by Mafia Peligroso 4 Lyfe August 31, 2007
A common abbreviation for Muffin Paradise.
All of the cool kids are going to MP
by Bydnelg February 26, 2005
A tall ugly dirty smart college kid, who has a girlfriend, but despite all of this he will smell for the rest of his life.
Are you an mp
by Not Mp July 30, 2003
Stands for mustardy pimp. A nickname for my good friend for dressing up like a pimp @ 1 of me parties and then at another being sick producing the most disgusting yellow substance. He is also particularly cool for allowing me to lick his nipples on multiple occasions.

AKA Henry Hall

Ps he is a good friend of GAZ (u know) so I would FALL BACK otherwise the fuck will be kicked into you.
Da MP is the the motherfucking house home boi.

4 shizzle me bizzle
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