Used by Pagan people as a greeting on the 'net.
It means "merry part"...

Me: It's getting late, I think I'm going to go.
You: Ok, talk to you later.
Me: mp
You: mp :)
by Ette July 11, 2003
It means missing piece. Other half, whats been missing.A perfect fit or match. Someone who is made for you and both of you know it.
your my mp.
luv u mp!
can't wait to see you mp.
by thats what it is February 22, 2009
Its an abbreviation used in baseball for a middle relieve pitcher that is used for the 7th inning an on.
Hey Dad!!! when is the MP going into the game? When the starting pitcher finishes the 7th inning son. Now go get me that beer before the mp comes in richie!
by Milez May 30, 2007
n.Short for Modest Pimp. One who engages in sexual activity with several partners yet promotes modest behaviour. May hate onions.
Daigo: d00d, i jus hurrd u tapped 4 chyx last nyte. RoX0rz! u=1337, i=n00b
Alex: wtf...didn't happen man...imma break ur sternum
Daigo: LOL! 1337!!! u are teh MP!
by Daigo March 31, 2005
Short for Magic or Mana points, used in many rpgs
HMM cost 5000 MP??!?!?!?!
by SirZat, That sexy beast March 13, 2005
Abbreviation for Man Power.
Sergio - Hey, i think i saw you walking outside the store with your girlfriend, I didn't say hi because I wasn't sure if it was you...
Mario - Who was carrying the bags?
Sergio - The man of course...
Mario - Than it wasn't me...
Sergio - Wow, that's some serious MP
by Sergio Galindo September 11, 2007
A woman beyond description. The whole package. Attitude, personality, looks, lifestyle. Extremely rare.
I saw MP today. Man, oh man. I fainted, woke up and vowed to give my left hand for even a chance with her.
by The Porter August 18, 2005

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