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Also know as Man Face Syndrome. There is a point time when calling a girl a 0 just isn't good enough, Sometime you need below 0.

So we invented MFS, for those ugly ass mofo bitches
There are certain stages of mfs
Mfs1 is the equivalent of some man features.
Mfs5Is the equivalent of having a vagina and looking like a man.
Kris: Dude Mfs5 at 12 0' clock
Steve: WTF looks like my dad!
by KrisTapHerAvAcAdO December 13, 2010
Mother Fucking Smokers
Those MFS need to find somewhere else to smoke.
by shyanie May 17, 2010
Married Fucking Separately. A play on the IRS tax filing status of Married Filing Separately. Two possible meanings:

1 - People who are married but have their own independent sexual arrangements outside the marriage. Affairs, one might stands etc
2 - People in an open marriage, i.e swingers
My lover and I are MFS

We are An MFS couple, looking for same
by Pseudonymous Bags May 15, 2012
Abbreviation for Motherfuckers
"These mfs be crazy!!!"
by Froggie123 May 14, 2015
Mom's Friend's Son -- The son of your mom's friend that your mom constantly compares you to, because he is always superior to you in virtually everything. With an expression of disappointment, your mom always asks you why you can't be like him.
Me: I'll clean my room later. Let me finish watching the basketball game.
Mom: name of MFS's mom told me that his room is always clean. Why can't you be like him, huh? Why??

MFS: I just got my exam back today.
Me: What did you get.
MFS: Ehh, not as well as I wanted to do.
Me: So what was your score??
MFS: .. 91.
Me: Dang! What an MFS!
by G.dub November 10, 2009
Man Face Syndrome
guy 1- That girl has a bangin body

guy 2- yea but shes got MFS

guy 1- yea, she kinda looks like my uncle
by screaminluke October 01, 2011
an acronym of Mother Fuckin shit used with exclamation point or question mark. Denotes strong feeling of anger, disgust, confusion disbelief or amazement.
Boy 1- MFS? He is moving to further his solo career!


Boy 2- MFS!! Thats crazeee I saw that coming.
by quietadove July 14, 2010

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