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an expression used in surprise, anger, sarcasm or disbelief.
Chat person 1- oh dear she always walks in my front yard.

Chat person 2 -omgesh it's so much fun... I really look forward seeing it...jaja
by quietadove July 14, 2010
a cuter more affectionate way of saying love you commonly used by pre-teen and teen girls
bestie I rly rly wuv ya
by quietadove July 14, 2010
slang term meaning sort of or kind of scared
thats scarish... Who's next in line??
by quietadove July 14, 2010
interj. of surprise , anger, and sarcasm. euphemistic of holy crap
Girl 1- got a tattoo for real!
Girl 2- Hoky crap! prolly other chicks are jelly.
by quietadove July 14, 2010
an acronym of Mother Fuckin shit used with exclamation point or question mark. Denotes strong feeling of anger, disgust, confusion disbelief or amazement.
Boy 1- MFS? He is moving to further his solo career!


Boy 2- MFS!! Thats crazeee I saw that coming.
by quietadove July 14, 2010

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