1. A word used to compensate when one doesn't know the lyrics "when it comes to meow meow its just me, myself and I....."
2. Sound of happiness one makes when no other word is sufficient. "MEOW : D" or "me-fucking-ow"
3. Sound of utter boredom one makes when one is too bored to form real words. (meow)
4. A very short and snappy meow can be used to show lack of patience. " Yeah I'll move the nav element half a pixel down, . meow."
5. When one is on TV and experiencing extreme physical trauma. ~ carrot and the stick man sits in the same room as me ~ yes most people don't remember the program ~
6.  A word used to describe attractive members of opposite sex "meeeeeee ow look at that fine specimen"
7. Used in place of blah blah blah. meowmeowmeow
read the examples above meow meow meow
by missmai June 25, 2004
1. A sound that a cat or kitten makes when asking for food, when wanting to be let inside or when being random.

2. Adjective. Used to show your appricication of an attractive person.

3. The Meow Scale. A scale from 1 to 10 used to meaure the rate of anything you want. For example: on a meow of 1 to 10, I think this calculus paper has a meow of 4.6
Meow! looking hot tonight!!

This apple crumble deserves a meow of 9!
Tonight Im feeling pretty frisky, with a meowness of 8 : P
by Kitty November 26, 2004
the cat word for "i am hungry!"
"Meow!" says the kitty when everyone is eating dinner at 7 pm.
by CinnamonxBuns November 04, 2009
For when you don't know what to say, or just feel like being a wittle-kwitty :3
Meow *licks hand/paw :3*
by xblahberriex May 17, 2011
Normally used as a question 'meow?' Used to express the desire to mate...or participate in sexual intercourse.
Also the usual sound for a cat to make.
Ex. 1
Really old Guy: Meow?
Little girl: Ewwwww (Runs Away)
by Raaaazooor December 13, 2009
What you say when someone around you, or talking to you says something dirty.
"omg this is so hard"
by J-JAG October 20, 2008
*a sexual innuendo

what a girl says when she wants to skip chat and just have sex already
guy:hey whats up?
by MEOWKITTYXXXXXX June 26, 2010
a word said when something funny yet so whack happens or is said and you feel the urge to laugh very hard
Mitch: "Why can't I have a boyfriend in every state?"

Tony: "Thats a MEOW!"
by xbox live rules October 03, 2009

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