A title for a forum Moderator that originated in MySpace Religion and Philosophy forum. Much like Jews often write "God" as "G-d" out of respect and reverence, many R&P regs have been known to do the same for their M-derators.
Blessed be M-d, King of the R&Pverse, who deleteth spam from the interwebz. May His mighty banhammer fall swiftly upon the heads of trolls.
by R&Peep August 17, 2010
Known to some as "the medical doctor". Its more accurate name has been lost over time.

It is a cocktail, not dissimilar to a Long Island Iced Tea, that consists of the following:

Gin (1 part)
Vodka (1 part)
Tequila (1 part)
Rum (1 part)
Triple Sec (1 part)
Lemon Juice (3/4 part)
Iced Tea (12 parts)

Please note the iced tea must be steeped orange pekoe tea with added sugar to tase. The iced tea must not be store bought.
The md was badly made.
by George Smitherman, MP November 03, 2007
(n.) MiniDisc - The media that contains (usually musical) data and often goes into a MiniDisc Player.
I popped the MD containing my good mix into my MD player.
by next August 20, 2003
Muff Diving
To MD is to go down on a woman, Oral Sex
by Grabbi March 02, 2009
1. Medical doctor. The graduate of an allopathic medical school who prefers to treat diseases rather than people and shudders at the thought of having to touch people.

2. Medical doctor. The graduate of an osteopathic medical school who failed the courses in osteopathic manipulative medicine.
1. "A stethescope? You mean I have to touch him? Can't I just order an echo and prescribe some pain pills?"

2. "Isn't an MD what they give you when you fail OMM?"
by datchbatch September 16, 2006
An abbrivation of the soda Mountain Dew. Used usually by fans of the drink.
Like dude, pass me the MD. I need my fix.
by Kirbz February 20, 2006
1/ MD/Mega drive: A japanese console made by sega that plays cartridge based games.

2/ MD: A guy who can get rare japanese videogames for cheap but doesn't actually have anything really rare in his collection. (See ntsc-uk and wapanese)

3/ MD/Managing director.
Usually the cunt with a big salary who helps run a company by paying a couple of people to take all the shit.
1/ If I buy a 32x for my MD + MCD will it will play sega saturn games?

2/ MD always has something useful and intelligent to say.

3/ The MD is a cunt.
by silk_cut_tabs April 16, 2004

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