M.D is the main ingredient in Ecstasy, it is taken in pill form and gives you the experience of Ecstasy not to the fullest but with less consequence.
Guy 1: Yo, we taken that Ecstasy tonight?
Guy 2: Nah, we taking M.D not as bad as Ecstasy.
by Ethan123 March 07, 2011
A Massive Dump/Huge Poop
Jenny took a MD after eating Mexican that night.
by MELISSSSAAAA October 16, 2005
Noun for Major Dogshit. Also known as the crown jewel of CI but often referred to as a serious asshole. Usual is seen with a smurking grin and loves to wear pink panites when wrestling. MD will make you money but you should try and steer clear of MD becuase it is usually accompanied with lots of BS.
MD was all over the place and cats were getting sick because the BS was too much!
by Deeze Nutzzz April 15, 2009
MD is the short version of: Major Diss.
Nerd: "What are you guys up to?"

G1: "Yo Mama!"

G2: "Ohh!!! You got owned!! MD!!!"
by The Wooper February 03, 2009
minor dater. One who dates someone under the age of 18.
Joey is a md.
by taas July 10, 2008
Short for mini dutch. used when you want to say mini dutch but there are people around who can hear you, so you say md
Similar to saying bw to say blunt wrap
Dude. My mom is in the other room, we need to get "cheeseburgered(high)" i got dank stuff u got the "md"
by Fuh Rank April 30, 2008
A slang term for the carbonated drink, Mountain Dew.
Bro go grab me'a stack of MD out the fridge.
by Kyle Osborne February 28, 2006

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