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the most versatile, high quality recording system available
You want to record that?
Use MiniDisc.
by yorrick hunt May 26, 2008
The best Recording/playback format available. Can either be uncompressed (94 minutes on a Hi-MD) (Linear PCM), Hi-SP (~8 hours on a Hi-MD) Hi LP (Over 20 Hours on a Hi-MD) or 48 Kbps (45 hours on a Hi-MD) Going Hi-SP is the way to go. It's not CD Quality, but it's damn close. Plus, you don't have to deal with the Sonic Stage shit that comes with it (You have to use the software with it. Just use the simple Burner with a CD) Yes the format is lossy. However, there is a simple way to counteract magnetic static. Simply delete the song and burn it over again until the file is perfect. Yes they're rewritable. They're like the lovechild of cassette and CD
MD, MDLP, Net MD, Hi-MD are all minidisc formats. Look it up on Wikipedia
by falcolombadi81996 May 19, 2011

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