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1/ MD/Mega drive: A japanese console made by sega that plays cartridge based games.

2/ MD: A guy who can get rare japanese videogames for cheap but doesn't actually have anything really rare in his collection. (See ntsc-uk and wapanese)

3/ MD/Managing director.
Usually the cunt with a big salary who helps run a company by paying a couple of people to take all the shit.
1/ If I buy a 32x for my MD + MCD will it will play sega saturn games?

2/ MD always has something useful and intelligent to say.

3/ The MD is a cunt.
by silk_cut_tabs April 16, 2004
MCD: Mega CD.
Overpriced CD based add-on for the sega megadrive/MD.
The first of many flops by sega.
I can't believe I spent my money on this piece of MCD.
by silk_cut_tabs April 16, 2004
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