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A cool Turkish guy, not a rapist, often a thug/gangsta. Often mistaken for a Mexican,and always has a unibrow. While Mehmets may claim to be European, they are undisputably Asian or at the very least Middle Eastern. Dresses like a preppie to disguise the inner gangsta. Packs a 9 mm so don't fuck with them. Mehmets are the coolest Turkish homies you'll ever see.
Me: Yo wassup dawg?
My Turkish Friend: Not much bro.
Me: Aight, I'm down wit dat Mehmet.
by P.I.M.P!!!!!!!! September 23, 2003
The generic name to use to take the blame for anything you don't want to own up to.
Who shaved off that man's unibrow? It must have been Mehmet.
by Mehmet December 20, 2003
A boy who writes offensive definitions of the name narin and is a meanie bum in general.
Narin: Heyyyy naoooo! Who would of done such a thing
Friend (who shall remain namless): Perhaps it was...
Both: meeehmet
by Oggly boogly March 12, 2004
Nice guy, but also a fat pie.
Likes threatening people with knives, and wears fake 'bling' jewellery.
Lee Hudsons wanking buddy
Bit D.I.M.
"oi miss, can we come in 'ere, or I'll slit yer frote!"
by Ross Cooper November 02, 2004
A guy that plays a lot of Diablo II, eats zinger sandwiches, and Karate chopped a nun on her period.
by meh met November 03, 2003
When your eyes notice someone you know but you don't want to talk to them - continue rolling your eyes but at the same time, point your head in a new direction and continue apace as if nothing has happened.
"I saw that munter Tom last night in the Duke of Gloucester - I gave him the mehmet."
by Freedom Jolly November 16, 2007
Synomonmous with the word dog, usually befriends people in his time of need and uses the fuck out of them,till he no longer needs them, he later tells them they were never friends and proceeds in fucking them off.
Usually ugly as fuck but cannot be persuaded to see beyond their egos.
copping blowjobs in the local park from diseased whores is really all they need in life, although possibly gay.
Person 1: wow what a retard!
Person 2: wow, what a Mehmet** :)
by TheVoiceOfTruth. December 23, 2010
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