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If Chuck and Trav shotgun a couple tallboys, we are LURKED. If Chuck and Trav roast a bowl of the Nor-cal purple frost, we are LURKED. If Chuck and Trav creel some prime shard and torch it, we are LURKED. Comprende, amigo? Good. Now bail.
"Squirty! Come to the Red Room! Me and Chuck are fuckin lurked out. Not a lot of choice puss, but I think we're gonna show some slugs how the west side rips."
by Travis Curly July 13, 2008
A term originated at Riverbend High school where you take a picture of someone but they don't notice then post it on twitter using the hashtag #Lurked
"Just got a pic of Katie #Lurked"

"Sarah was hanging out at my house last night. I #Lurked her the entire time and she didn't even notice!"
by RoseLocked February 16, 2012
1. Subject to a lurking: to have been spied upon.

Anonymous observation of a particular person's activities in online user groups, forums, etc., especially when the lurker joins with the sole intention of seeing what the lurkee is up to.
I was lurked by a former student who signed up to one of my online discussion boards solely to see what I wrote.
by etat March 07, 2006
A common typo for the word murked. It is synonymous to the word pwned which is a common typo of the word owned made popular in online games such as Counter-Strike and Quake.
T9 text message:
Guy: yo I lurked this chick last night.
Guy 2: what bro? you murked her?
by Joseph Isaac April 25, 2008
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