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the clean version of douche-bag; can be used in business situations.
Those lunch-bags totally stole our business plan!
by megeditor October 23, 2008
Lunchbag is the act of taking a shit in a paper (or garbage) bag, and then proceding to beat the wo/man with it.

Also can be used as an adjective.
"Yo, ballz, I just lunchbaged that ho over there."

As an adjective:
"AW SHIT, We are so lunchbaged man!"
by Spoof March 06, 2003
usually the stage before being a cornballer , one who's age does not reflect their sexual appetite, their unperky Down Pointers , a neen who dwells in the suburbia of russel looking for a fix.
brent steele you fucking neener, leave those cornballer's and lunchbags alone you cooter stick
by J-BOMB January 28, 2004
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