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A gay or homosexual man. batty being your butt, if your a bayyt boy, it means you are a boy who likes it up the but
Ali G: Your a batty boy, you like it up the batty
by Piemanthe3rd December 29, 2003
Based on the Molotov Cocktail, the Mozoltov cocktail is the Jewish version.

It follows the same basic principles as a molotov, a crude homemade petrol bomb, but with a Jewish element of some sort. This could mean perhaps using a He'Brew beer bottle, filling the bottle with olive oil (in reference to the origin of Hanukkah), lighting it with a candelabra, or even simply being thrown by a Jewish person. None of this is completely necessary however, and the phrase could easily be used simply based on the intent of the thrower.

Mozoltov (or Mazel tov) is a Hebrew (or Yiddish) usually meaning "good luck!" or "congratualtions!". This adds almost an ironic effect, as generally those struck by a Mozoltov cocktail would be considered to be having bad luck.

Generally, upon throwing the mozoltov cocktail, it is traditional to yell out "Mozoltov!"
David: Those Goldbergs are such mashuganas. I wanna toss a Mozoltov Cocktail at them!
by Piemanthe3rd November 09, 2009
Fuck Nuts and Paper Cuts is an exclamation used by one who has just had something negative occur unto them.

It can be yelled or uttered under ones breath, both with roughly the same meaning of "I am not fond of what just happened to the point of incoherence and so I will utter a nonsensical phrase."

The phrase originated in the online gaming world and was uttered randomly upon the death of a player. The player and his friend then sat in silence pondering upon this new exclamation for not only did it rhyme, it also combined a variety of strange things all in one.

It can also be shortened to simply "Fuck Nuts"
*player 1 is shot by player 2*
Player 1: Fuck nuts and paper cuts! You got me!
by Piemanthe3rd June 15, 2009
A lunchbag letdown occurs when something you had been looking forward to turns out to be far worse than originally anticipated.

The term originates in the lunchroom (be it school or office or otherwise) where after a long hard day someone sits down with their lunchbag hoping for something tasty. Instead they find something unappetizing, whether it be the wrong lunch, it's moldy, it's cold, or any other multitude of problems.

After such a situation, it can be said that your lunchbag was indeed a let down.
Tom: I can't wait for lunch *pulls out lunchbag*

Jim: What do you got?

Tom: Aw man! Tunafish? I HATE Tunafish!

Jim: What a lunchbag letdown.
by Piemanthe3rd August 17, 2010
A comical phrase used to imply one has to defecate. Instead of outright claiming you have to use the bathroom, one can simply say "I have to take a Count Dooku" and your intentions should be implied.

Count Dooku is actually a character from Star Wars, yet the phrase works based on Dooku's name being similar to dookie which is also a euphemism for defecating.

The phrase was made popular in the cartoon TV series "The Venture Bros"
Henchman #21: Dude, get out I gotta take a Count Dooku
by Piemanthe3rd August 27, 2009
Essentially a group of individuals who were too wussy to become Goth and to lame to become punk, so they sat somewhere in the middle of the two and cried about it.
That kid listens to MCR and cries a lot. What an emo.
by Piemanthe3rd June 10, 2009
A term used when defining a video game. It is used to define a Japanese game (i.e. Devil May Cry 4, Dead Or Alive, etc) which uses over the top and excessive jiggle effects on all females breasts
Jim: Have you played DMC4?
John: Yeah, that game has excessive Japa-jiggle
by Piemanthe3rd May 30, 2008

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