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someone who is trying to make someone look like an idiot on facebook chat
Lauren your such a lozza
by probs December 08, 2009
20 21
Lozza is somebody who's good to talk to, she is pretty and hot. She's a good mate, and I bet she's great in bed too.
Lozza you're everything I want.
by Luke-P November 03, 2004
96 26
Generally wicked dude he hangs and rocks out with Tom. Hes dead ARD but tom isnt quite as ard.
Lozza is well wikky innit!!
by Lozza November 15, 2004
15 39
1. One who frequently pikes
2. One who is of kinky persuasion
Ohhh... I have somewhere ELSE to be... yes... always...

Lets try it with our teeth!
by Richsiah April 25, 2003
10 37