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Usually cool person with wide music knowledge, from North/North-West
"Hey man, he's a Loughlin."
"Hey, fancy going to a Loughlin-Style gig?"
#cool #music #fashion #concert #sound
by 1866michael May 26, 2008
The act of being so terrible at sports that it causes college scouts to quit their jobs.
Donny (scout 1): How can you miss that many catches? I have never seen anyone that terrible at sports. He must not care at all.

Dylan (scout 2): I know longer understand what I am doing with my life.

Donny (scout 1): This guy just pulled a Loughlin, I am quitting.

Dylan (scout 2): Me too, my job and life no longer has meaning if players are this bad.
#college #intramural #athlete #terrible #horrendous
by d_sizzle14 November 03, 2014
An English male with an extreme flatlence problem, who's gases cause others to feel sick.
Those eggs went off three weeks ago, throw them out before they smell like a Loughlin.

Are we near a cesspit or is that just (a) loughlin?
#fart #gases #bad eggs #smell #jobsworth
by absolutejw February 03, 2010
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