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Boxer shorts. (See also Gun).

The term is sometimes mistakenly used to describe a vagina.
"I can't stand up yet man, I've got a loaded weapon in my Gun-holster"

"I need to go to Primark to buy a Gun-holster"

"No you dick, that's not a Gun-holster, that's a quim"
by absolutejw January 23, 2010
A group of male stud's with Erect Penis's. Gun-rack's can be seen in abundance in Bukkake-themed pornography. (See also Gun and Bukkake).
"Charlotte's face lit up when she saw the Gun-rack in the porn movie".
by absolutejw January 23, 2010
An English male with an extreme flatlence problem, who's gases cause others to feel sick.
Those eggs went off three weeks ago, throw them out before they smell like a Loughlin.

Are we near a cesspit or is that just (a) loughlin?
by absolutejw February 03, 2010
A slang term for an erect Penis, most often used by sex-hungry young professional women from West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The word is particularly used in this context on occasions of sexual arousal during "dirty talk".
"Why don't you just give give me your gun?"
by absolutejw January 23, 2010

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