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can mean the following:

forget it
fuck that
ah lough that mate!!!
by erin k August 24, 2005
Verb - Pronounced LOO F: To appear to be busy whilst doing nothing. Lazy.
I am going to be Lough today at work.
by startup August 12, 2010
The Irish word for lake sometimes used as a last name.
Get that bloody monster out of Lough Ness
by Chris March 29, 2005
The combination of a laugh and cough that someone produces when surprised by a bit of hilarity.
"Adrienne loughed very loudly when she read Jason's email."

"That video made me lough hard."
by FestivusMaximus March 26, 2014
A mixture of love and laugh. Used when you both love something and are laughing while it is occuring.
As an adjective: Dude, this song is lough!
As a verb: I lough this song!
by Aithnie December 05, 2010
A chavish term, used to suggest one of two things:

1) A request to go away
2) A term suggesting the self removal of the narrator.
1) Lough off! (innit)
2) Im gonna lough it!
by TO:PSAIO April 26, 2003
A very pikey word indeed, pronounced to rhyme with "cow" and a corruption of "allow". Also the name of the bass-player in a shitty band called Jnr Loaded.
"Lough us a pound, bro"
"That Lough is a rat-faced fugly cunt"
by Arthur Bostrom October 27, 2003