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Remove The Pussy

"Don't listen to the pussy side of you when you make a decision. People gravitate towards being a pussy. Remove the pussy, son."
Marcus: Coming over this weekend for the party?
Alexander: I don't feel like it...
Marcus: RTP!
by Rosvall March 26, 2010
Round Table Pizza
Time to get some RTP for dinner!
by captain_random February 07, 2012
Rooftop Party
"RTP tonight d00d?!?!" "DUH."
by RTPSteiner August 30, 2011
Road trip planning. Code word between you and your love about an upcoming secretive road trip.
My swan, ive got an RTP planned for us. Are you down?

Let me know when and where on the way.
by n(othing) May 04, 2009
1 R.T.P: Rough tight pussy.

2 could also be used as synonym for cunt... sort of
1 Dude i took one look at that RTP and i ran!

2 I smacked that RTP like the hoe she is!
by MikeyG 201 March 21, 2007
"Ready to pimp". If you have created a document in a program like Open Office, you export it to .doc and than its ready to pimp. Pimping a .doc file is done in MS Word 2007. One click on the styles button and off you go
Title > RTP


by Donno` March 09, 2009
an abbreviation on the term Run Tings Proper.

Used by the creative team at as a shortened version of their name.
"did u see rtp|designs latest wallpaper?"
"fo sho"
by rtpHarry November 11, 2004

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