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n. the embodiment of male perfection.

His credits include X-Men, Australia, The Prestige ... Screw this, who am I kidding? We all watch his movies because he is hunky as hell.
A: Have you seen Hugh Jackman's latest movie?
B: Yeah. But I have no idea what it was about. I kept staring at his abs.
by beingboredsucks January 12, 2012
n. television series

Everybody loves it, nobody gets it.
Have you seen Lost?
It's a great show but I honestly don't get it.
by beingboredsucks January 12, 2012
n. the epitome of male perfection.

Popular for his cameo appearances in Jaws (as the great white shark) and Finding Nemo (as Bruce).
Michael Fassbender is absolutely attractive. I love his shark grin!
by beingboredsucks January 12, 2012
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