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A person with no quality banter and thinks they are funny but they are just a loser
Danielle's banter is just full of loserness
by dani1980 January 24, 2013
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havin a lot of loser qualities
Cameron is full of loserness.
by Vallerie Lopez April 03, 2007
the force inside a person, that would make one a loser
the kid has so much loserness
by danny!!!!! March 30, 2010
When a girl starts singing radio tunes in the middle of the night
Ana plagues everyone with her loserness.
by Eddddd93 August 29, 2011
A guy carries a lot of loserness when he hits on all the girls he knows but doesnt date any. He is fat and people call him "fluffy". His favorite hairstyle is highlighted spikes soaked in gel.
Thiago is such a loser!!!He is full of loserness because of his huge ass and his hairstyle.
by losershater!!! April 22, 2010

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