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SHE ROCKS!! hehe! She is beautiful and wonderful.
Lorna is the best ever!
by Lornapie April 18, 2005
the best type of person in the whole world!!!! menas good fun kool
she is well lorna !!!
by lorna jones February 01, 2005
basically she's just annoyingly perfect in every way. to list all the things would take too long :D
dude, that girls amazing - sucha lorna
by laurgeorge July 02, 2010
a good girl who has a naughty side which she tends to keep to herself unless she is VERY drunk. lorna's a little party girl when she gets going but will always avoid trouble as shes just not a troublemaker.
not many people are like lorna, you'll be lucky to find one..
by Turtlefacee. November 12, 2009
It means kewl fit lovely the best !!!
u wuld say it realli if u realli like sum1 and there is a species called lorna and they r very beautiful gyalz!!lol
she is sooo lorna
wow tht gyal is lorna!!!!
lol lolololololololololololololo
by lorna jones February 01, 2005
lorna is v. cool n a gr8 m8, she luvs flirtin, but isn't a slut!!
wow, she;s so cool, she's such a lorna!!!
by thea February 07, 2005
a clumsy action that occurs in the presents of a Lorna, or a clumsy action performed by a Lorna!
She's done a Lorna!
by A clumsy Lorna May 05, 2009
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