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Actually Loren is super awesome, and tall. Anyone named Loren not Lauren is kick ass. Anyone named Lauren, is a snotty little bitch.
Loren is soo kick ass. Yeah but Lauren is such a bitch.
by Loren Grady October 01, 2004
Loren is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen
Jared luvs ya Loren:):)
by Jared December 13, 2004
shes got a hot face. and shes like, awsomely cool. she funy sweet, fun to talk to.. just a person to be around... ill get super glue so im always around her. HA! happy days every day with this one

lorens r hot:D
smiley, funny cool hot loren
by im a jesse September 23, 2009
The finest girl ever. To have a sexy smile.
He was so into Loren he didn't know what to do. She had a hot smile.
by beatrice April 28, 2004
The love of my life.
Someone that always thinks they are bad at things when they are really AMAZZZZING at everything they do.
Loren: OMGWTFBBQ I'm such a *****!!!
Mindle: No you're not... and I <3 you
Loren: How sweet
One week later:
Mindle: I <3 you
Loren: WTF stop being a Mateo
by Mindle November 11, 2005
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