sexy, funny shorty
"Gee, you are being a real loren"
by Ricardo March 27, 2004
magnificent pimp
by Lo April 24, 2003
Greatest person on Earth. Not Lauren, tho. Loren. Her name spelling is just as unique and amazing as the actual person. She is the nerdiest, sweetest, Hufflepuffiest, most amazing girl you will ever meet, EVER. She has slight obsessions with Harry Potter, Chris Colfer, Glee, Darren Criss, A Very Potter Musical, vloggers and all that is nerdy, but that makes her a million times more totally awesome. She is the biggest Christian evar, and loves equality for everyone. She's smart and has a heart made of butterflies and pure sweetness. She is amazing and the best friend ever. If you get a chance to meet her, your mind will be blown and the world will proceed to implode then explode. She's full of happies and smiles and she has the ability to make everyone around her smile. She's just amazing. She deserves hugs and she's never allowed to frown. Everyone is in love with Loren. Loren is Loren, which makes her the coolest bitch on Earth, God dammit!
Guy 1: Have you met that amazing, beautiful girl yet?
Guy 2: You mean Loren? YES. She is flawless.
by Nerd_Girl_Loves_Interwebz_Fran September 05, 2011
Loren is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is beautiful, both inside and out, and would do any thing in the world for you at the drop of a pin. She fancies the idea she is unintelligent, even when people tell her better. And she is better. She is smart, perhaps not in the way people suppose, but she is smart. Also, she can be somewhat insecure at times. Just let her know you're there for her though...

And she'll be there for you.
by Lin Beifong October 28, 2012
Loren, a sweet and LOVING boy.

I just so happen to l o v e this boy.

Cant help but love his quirky ways, he can make you smile with ease. Bumble. ^-^
<3 Too amazing and flawless, Loren.
by Colourshade December 06, 2010
1: A female specimen who is all of the following things:
A good artist
A good singer
2: A female whom I smother with both love, and obsess over.
3: One who pwns everyone and everything except for God Himself.
Brian (Me): I love you Loren...
Loren: Ughsnarlq...

Matt: I love you Loren...

Someone: Something is my life
Brian: *points to Loren* That's my life.

Someone: When you sing loud, it's like a hammer to the thumb.
Brian: Loren....will you be the hammer to my thumb?
Loren: O_O *scared*
by BloodWarz/TheModernScythe November 11, 2005
It is a veru vulgar word taken from Poland.
It means someone very stupid and slowly thinking also this person is dorky.
You're such a lorens...
by Stefansikojanos July 17, 2006

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