one who idolizes vivek
loren looked at his hair style and was not satifisfied
by Anonymous February 14, 2003
plays ddr , draws , good lookin , brown , and ja-rule look a like
by Loren May 05, 2003
see: 'twat'
Lorengs twat is off-limits.. unless you pay.
by Ryann! July 19, 2008
"Loren" is the weird spelling of the name "Lauren". Likewise, most people named Loren are either weird leprechauns or guys. People with the name of Loren are usually backstabbers, and are very maniupulative. Stay clear of all Lorens. You can identify a Loren by their looks (short, ugly) and their personality (controlling, manipulative, bossy, bipolar).
Person 1: Wow, look at that person! She's so short and snobby.
Person 2: She must be a Loren!
by xoLovelyMe July 02, 2010

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