1) A person who is kind, sympathetic, empathetic, loyal to friends, trustworthy, and one of a kind.
2) Can be good: sweet funny kind loving energetic
3) Can be bad: slacker, abusive, single still!
4)and can also be depressing at times
the only thing that can be said about this person is that no matter what friends and family are important to her. She can be lost trying to find her way and hanging on for the ride or just on the fast track to disaster. Loves to read, write poetry and be out with friends. Is almost always saying or doing something odd or goofy and tends to annoy people/ friends. the one that not all can agree on the definition for...
"Who is that ?"
"Oh! that's Lorens, she's always trying to help someone"
by smilioso November 20, 2011
a man created in the throes of passion between 2 hippys a vw microbuss and alien insemination, raised in a quiet mountain town he attempted to maintain a lifestyle of normalcy all the while learning slowly that his life was in fact a bad indie film. In the later years he learned much about transgender love vicariously through the exploites of his mothers love life and attempted to gel into society quietly but is constantly held in a stream of social insanity.
Dude shit happens to loren that usually only exists in a b movie
by Entropy242 August 25, 2011
Aka/nickname Ren

a guy who appears charming, but after getting to know him you realize he can be an ass. He isn't very social and hates loosing arguments. He likes to irritate people especially by taking his time. Loren boasts about many things. He is smart and mysterious. And has a strong personality that will sometimes get in the way.
Girl: who is that, I've never seen him before?
Girl 2: that's Loren
Girl: he's kind of cute
Girl 2: yeah, but his personality ruins his looks
by 1234Lalalala September 25, 2011
Loren is girl who loves using the number 8 mid-sentence, mid-word even. Loren is someone who can't sleep and is scared of the dark. Loren is very creative and makes good cards when she can be fucked.
Woah look at Loren she's using the number 8 in a card while not sleeping
by Garth Calhoon June 01, 2010
A girl who every body loves has a great personality a little slut
by Loren March 07, 2003
Loren IS a kick ass guy and anyone who thinks otherwise is fucking KrAzY!!!!! there lucky to even KNOW such a wonderful guy! but he has a thing 4 bag whore which isn't too kool. and He is secretly in love with a Girl named Sarah!!!! yup Sarah!!! well.... if u dont know him then you should Definetly meet him!!!! Hes a pimp.... I love him to death!!! even though he's a total asshole!!!! ;)
"My S.A Vato Loco" ;)
by The Pimpstress.....DUH!!! January 08, 2005
there is no explanation, see nerd
there is no example that could ever explain
by hmmm February 14, 2003

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