to be a hoe or very very easy
wat u saying bout sarah?
nufnk man.
shs rah loose
by Natasha Hussain December 16, 2007
Another word for "cool" or "dope" or "the shit" or... "or".
YO DUDE, this shit be loose.
by Reid/Nordine January 30, 2009
Loose is a broad term used to define a variety of acts. the words daring, bold, stupid, hilarious and retarded can be used to define the term. It catches on.
"Damn, Mark just had sex with my girlfriend"
"wow, thats loose"

"Wow, Jane just drag raced a cop"
"word. shes loose as hell"

"Last night Bobby drank 90 beers"
"hes a loose dude"
by G-tiggle March 13, 2008
In poker, not being selective about the quality of hands you're willing to play.
College kids are loose with their parents' money at casinos, so they're easy picking.
by Coell May 12, 2005
loose is similar in meaning to stale, when describing banter-however it can also be used to describe an easy woman
Lindemann has loose banter
by win-co-fo February 06, 2003
when a close friend betrays you on instant messaging or other forms of communications, often by taking sides of the enemy and attempts to cover his track via pretending to help his side.
JG: go out like a soldier looses
looses: nah its better here
JG: ur such a looses admit
by Jonny Gel January 21, 2008
when a dealer hands you the drugs without a baggy or anything to hold it.
Dealer: watch out the skizzys are loose.
crack addict: oooh better use both my hands!
by grubesechtime! August 05, 2008
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