1.A loose pussy, been fucked to much
2.When you get real crazy, act wild, start fights.crunk
1.That girl is real loose
.Everybody was gettin loose at that party last night!
by Jason Williams jr November 19, 2003
When one has consumed enough alcohol to be considered loose, but not sexually. it is a sammoism for drunk.

also used in downhilling, where someone will "get loose" aka - get they're back tire washing out, like a drift, but on a whole new level.
"man im so loose, i would do her"

"dude i got so loose in that flat turn"
by no hang November 06, 2009
To be high/stoned
Let's get loose
by dj_looseman November 29, 2010
Auto racing term used to describe a condition when the rear of the vehicle is not gripping the track
Earnhardt's car was a little loose coming out of turn 2
by baldylocks1976 January 29, 2005
Adj. Having a stretched out anus or vagina due to sex.
When I was done fucking him last night he was so loose I could fit my whole fist in his ass!
by TehWolf September 30, 2009
Having excessive diarrhea after engaging in anal sex.
Jenny was loose as hell after I pounded her ass.
by redder11 March 22, 2010
Loose: A whiny emo kid who only communicates through the medium of moans and groans. Its the type of person who has a dark cloud following them and has never brightened up a room in there life. They add nothing to the dynamic of the group and generally just make everyone else feel depressed withing a 30ft radius. There is no hope, a whiny emo never changes there stripey jumper.

They will remain a virgin forever so theres no chance of breeding more negativity
"Ahh man don't be such a loose"
by scalped February 06, 2010

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