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Feeling very desperate for a drug, like you'll do anything to get it.
Yo Chico man, I am FIENDING for some acid.
by Droopy March 25, 2004
whats women have givin me
girls have acalle dme ugly and mean thing salmy life no wonder im always depressed
by DROOPY November 27, 2004
Made a fool of, chumped, taken advantage of.
by Droopy August 07, 2003
former g unit member who now has beef with all current members of g unit.he also rolls with domination
bang em smurf ripped 50
by DROOPY November 27, 2004
The art of pimpin' hos.
"Jake did well in his hoetry class today...he came out wit 3 bitches."
by Droopy May 09, 2003
drunk and high; Fucked up
damn i'm on another level
by droopy July 02, 2003
Any square-ass poo-butt wallflower mufua who WILL NOT DANCE!
by Droopy August 07, 2003
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