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1. The name of several unrelated dining establishments throughout the world.

2. A dope and well-respected Bboy.
1. Thank you for choosing the Loose Goose! I hope you enjoyed your meal!

2. Yo, that Bboy Loose Goose smoked that fool last night!
by ossum December 03, 2012
A person (generally a female) who is chronically vagile.

Note: many girls become loose gooses as they progress through high school.
That girl needs to stop being so goddamn vagile, she's turning into a loose goose.
by owanderhoffe April 14, 2004
Verb; Simply using your tounge to 'ride' a womans beef curtains, 'like a pony'. Then, using the remains of her cum, spit into her asshole, insert a straw, and blow bubbles.
Hey there! Did you end up giving Haily a Loose Goose lastnight? I heard she was feenin' for it badly...
by Trinny Triseratops May 16, 2011