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Short,Brunette,Sexy mutha-fucka,nice figure,big booty,funny as fuck,BOMB-SHELL
DAYUM!...that girls 'gottta' be a haily
by boobookittyfuck1117 November 30, 2009
Usually a very short, brunette girl. Enjoys dying her hair, and likes a wide variety of piercings.

Haily can be a total bitch if you act like one to her, but if you are kind and friendly she will be there for you until the end.

Often called 'Emo', but can be a very positive person at times.

Drives a creeper van, and enjoys playing in the street late at night.

Haily often blames herself when things go wrong.
Boy 1: Wow that chick is such an emo!
Boy 2: Dude, not even. She's a total Haily!
Boy 1: Oh, my bad!
by ImHidingInYourBasement April 18, 2011
Small, beyond beautiful, funny, realy cute, just amazing in every way possable, great to be around, the best girlfriend, who's hugs make everything better (. Never gets scared, hates country music, but loves dinos, durassic park, and swim. Only the luckiest guys alive get to meet a Haily
Im so lucky I met Haily.
by lefty1000aba July 08, 2014
A short brunette with huge titties that can bree and wears converse shoes.
That chick at the show was a total Haily.
by honeycunt March 10, 2008
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