The condition of being agile with one's vagina. AKA, slutty
Dude, Tara is quite vagile, her vagina moves quick from dick to dick

by pmonaaaaaaaaaaaay January 24, 2009
The state of being exceptionally girly, ditzy, or dramatic. To be considered vagile, the actions must usually be frustratingly annoying.
Girl: "God, I am so fat! I need to lose weight so boys will like me! Do you think I'm pretty? Because this girl said I was ugly today and then I got thinking that maybe I'm not pretty and..." etc. etc.
by owanderhoffe April 14, 2004
verb - The act of being like a vagina. The more one is likened to a vagina, the higher his or her 'vagility.'
Steve, you're acting awfully vagile right now.


It seems your essay does not focus on the proper information, you need to watch the vagility of your argument.
by 29Prin April 16, 2008
1. (adj.) of a woman, talented and insatiable when faced with an exceptionally large cock.

See also: vagility
That vagile slag rode my ol' pussy-splitter for three hours straight and still wanted more.
by Edmond Dantes April 27, 2006

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