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1 shot Smirnoff Vodka
1 shot White Bacardi Rum
1 shot Jose Cuervo Tequila
250 mL Coka Cola

Fill double shot glass with vodka and rum.

Fill single shot with tequila.
Fill beer glass with cola.
Support both shot glasses onto each other while on the lip of the beer glass.

To begin the shot, begin by pulling the pin of the grenade (taking the double shot) with only your mouth and allowing the single shot to fall in the glass.

Then quickly gulp down the rest of the cola and tequila mixture.

***Find a beer glass that allows the single shot to fall in and mix with cola properly.
"Let's play with grenades"


"Long island grenades, idiot."

"Where then?"

"At U of Guelph, where it was invented"
by erwin8590 January 27, 2010

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