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Is a common symbol that represents the sign of the horns. In metal is called metal horns, devil horns, goat horns, devil sign, etc. Ronnie James Dio is known for popularizing the sign of the horns in heavy metal.
Ozzy will play here tonight, yeah lml.

Dave Mustaine rocks lml.

Ronnie James Dio popularized lml sign.

Painkiller! lml
by LesPaulPearlDude February 16, 2010
A sarcastic hand signal in which the pinky finger and the pointer finger are sticking straight up while clenching the rest of your fingers in a fist-like position... In a more sarcastic situation the hand (while positioned in this 'lml' fashion) should be moved back and forth repeatedly as if it was shaking.
Yea, so I hit it *does lml hand motion*

Or if one was typing..

I like you lml
by dirk March 12, 2003
Stands for Love my Life. Used commonly in happy facebook statuses. Invented to counter against all the haters who use FML (F*** my Life) on a daily basis.
"I just aced my midterm! LML :)"

"Is getting to the concert! LML"

you get the idea
by aggielove October 01, 2009
1)Lick My Licorish
2)Love My Loins
3)Lick My Lettuce
4)Lick My Lint
Hey man! Lick my licorish! (LML)
by trackerskagger June 13, 2011
Licking My Lips
he was so hot i was LML

that cookie looks so goood im LML
by 123LML January 24, 2011
Meaning "let me live." Used in messaging to a person who is holding you back from doing something fun.
Sally: Mom can i g2 the concert 2night with Mark?

Mom: No! What if someone drugs your drink and you get high with your boyfriend and go on a rampage and have sex with each other until you conceive deformed little babies!? i can't let that happen to you!

Sally: omg mom. LML
by gnawenilec November 29, 2010
The Pop/Rock band, Lovers Make Liars.
Hey, did you know the new lml cd is coming out soon?
by jazzyjfresh March 29, 2009