Is a common symbol that represents the sign of the horns. In metal is called metal horns, devil horns, goat horns, devil sign, etc. Ronnie James Dio is known for popularizing the sign of the horns in heavy metal.
Ozzy will play here tonight, yeah lml.

Dave Mustaine rocks lml.

Ronnie James Dio popularized lml sign.

Painkiller! lml
by LesPaulPearlDude February 16, 2010
Lick my labia.
Husband: Hey hun, how about making me a sammich?
Wife: LML.
by Valhalla69 January 09, 2013
let me live
Get off my case LML
by killa32 August 15, 2011
1)Lick My Licorish
2)Love My Loins
3)Lick My Lettuce
4)Lick My Lint
Hey man! Lick my licorish! (LML)
by trackerskagger June 13, 2011
Short for: Love My Life
Opposite of FML
My boyfriend bought me a new car for my birthday today, lml
by jenrjen March 20, 2011
"Lick my leg."

Used by people who like to confuse their friends.
A: He had this AWESOME fetish of LML-ing.

B: Dude, that's nasty.
by misscook March 02, 2011
Lazy Mexican Letter Substitution
-When A person, most likely mexican replaces letters in words for no apprent reason to sound and/or look cool.
Eric:I'll see u tonight then
Pedro: Iight my niqqa
Eric: Seriously its spelled with a g. Dont be lmls'in on me.
by Mthediggymayun February 03, 2011

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