let me live
Get off my case LML
by killa32 August 15, 2011
(Last Minute Load) When a webpage is loading for an extremely long time and you click the "exit" button just when it finishes loading...
No! This is the third LML today! I'm gonna go freaking crazy!
by The Nerd Network December 07, 2014
Licking My Lips
he was so hot i was LML

that cookie looks so goood im LML
by 123LML January 24, 2011
Is a common symbol that represents the sign of the horns. In metal is called metal horns, devil horns, goat horns, devil sign, etc. Ronnie James Dio is known for popularizing the sign of the horns in heavy metal.
Ozzy will play here tonight, yeah lml.

Dave Mustaine rocks lml.

Ronnie James Dio popularized lml sign.

Painkiller! lml
by LesPaulPearlDude February 16, 2010
Little Midget Love
James likes to get some LML on the weekend
by lml4life October 14, 2010
LML is the opposite of the internet meme FML

"Drugs, Guns, Women and Firetrucks-LML"
by Nasty1931 July 27, 2009
Short for: Love My Life
Opposite of FML
My boyfriend bought me a new car for my birthday today, lml
by jenrjen March 20, 2011

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