Little Midget Love
James likes to get some LML on the weekend
by lml4life October 14, 2010
The Pop/Rock band, Lovers Make Liars.
Hey, did you know the new lml cd is coming out soon?
by jazzyjfresh March 29, 2009
sign language way of saying "I love you."
If you look at that "lmL", notice that using your right hand, have your middle and ring fingers down and you see the symbol for love.
dude: Hey, I'll be right back!
girl: alright =)
dude: lmL
girl: aww, I love you too!

by believe in God and love! March 18, 2009
lml = "Let me look."
Person A: hey, we have some issue on the server. do you know who can help us?
Person B: what's the issue?
Person A: the server seems to be down.
Person B: lml
by planspark November 08, 2007
A sarcastic hand signal in which the pinky finger and the pointer finger are sticking straight up while clenching the rest of your fingers in a fist-like position... In a more sarcastic situation the hand (while positioned in this 'lml' fashion) should be moved back and forth repeatedly as if it was shaking.
Yea, so I hit it *does lml hand motion*

Or if one was typing..

I like you lml
by dirk March 12, 2003
Lick my labia.
Husband: Hey hun, how about making me a sammich?
Wife: LML.
by Valhalla69 January 09, 2013
1)Lick My Licorish
2)Love My Loins
3)Lick My Lettuce
4)Lick My Lint
Hey man! Lick my licorish! (LML)
by trackerskagger June 13, 2011

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