"Lick my leg."

Used by people who like to confuse their friends.
A: He had this AWESOME fetish of LML-ing.

B: Dude, that's nasty.
by misscook March 02, 2011
Lazy Mexican Letter Substitution
-When A person, most likely mexican replaces letters in words for no apprent reason to sound and/or look cool.
Eric:I'll see u tonight then
Pedro: Iight my niqqa
Eric: Seriously its spelled with a g. Dont be lmls'in on me.
by Mthediggymayun February 03, 2011
Licking My Lips
he was so hot i was LML

that cookie looks so goood im LML
by 123LML January 24, 2011
Meaning "let me live." Used in messaging to a person who is holding you back from doing something fun.
Sally: Mom can i g2 the concert 2night with Mark?

Mom: No! What if someone drugs your drink and you get high with your boyfriend and go on a rampage and have sex with each other until you conceive deformed little babies!? i can't let that happen to you!

Sally: omg mom. LML
by gnawenilec November 29, 2010
Little Midget Love
James likes to get some LML on the weekend
by lml4life October 14, 2010
lml (always without capital letters) represents the Rock & Roll hand sign (the first L being the pinkie, M being the ring and middle finger in a bent position, and the last L being the index finger).

It is common to add a comma ( , ) at the end to simulate the thumb. ----> lml,

John Says: Avenged Sevenfold's concert was fucking awesome!

Travis Says: Yeah dude! lml, !!!!!1!!!one!!
by zyd August 17, 2010
Lovely Maori Lady
A very lovely ML guides the visitors through the cave.

We were treated to the warmest of welcomes from the two LML's running the camp site. We were offered a night's stay in a genuine Maori village, but we had arrived just a moment too late - damn!

She's a lovely maori lady.
by Mary_AK July 29, 2010

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