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An abnormally large penis, generally found on those believed not to have one. Occasionally hangs slightly to the left.
Quit flicking my Litchfield.
by Aj Picklesimer November 14, 2010
pretty, preppy little town in connecticut. filled with upper middle class, xenophobic families who have trouble accepting anyone who they didnt go to daycare with. the parents are typically pretentious, judgemental assholes and the kids are socially awkward. girls can usually be seen wearing hollister and abercrombie and weigh about two pounds. the boys are significantly less attractive but wear the same tacky fashions. everyone hear bitches about how much their life sucks, which in a way it does, because there is legitimately nothing to do here. on occasion something REALLY exciting happens, like a girl almost gets abducted, or someone does drugs, but usually everyone sits around in their antique houses, being swallowed up by their boredom. although this may look lik e the perfect place to raise a family, do not move here unless you want a child so boring they have to make an effort to keep from drooling all over their size zero hollister shirt.
"oh look, litchfields such a cute little town."
"yeah but have you been to bantam?"
by why the hell do i need one July 10, 2008
A town a lil left of east bumfuck where nobody has anything better to do than fuck off. Stuck in between Manchester and Nashua so no one knows where it is
Where's Litchfield? Is that near Manchester?
by AngelWitch101 January 24, 2009
Astonishingly beautiful, absolutely definitive Connecticut small town. Like most great Connecticut towns, has a "Green", and unlike most, the Green is still the center of town. Manages to be both richer than anyone you know, but still unpretentious -- and unlike some towns, doesn't rely on overaggressive policing to maintain it. To wit: I and several of my friends once romped around on the Green for two hours, circa 2-4am, and not only didn't get tossed out (or worse, tossed into a police cruiser), but we didn't see another soul. Also -- although this goes back ten, fifteen years -- the "Town Restaurant" (I think that used to be its actual name!) serves a fantastic hamburger in a classic pub/tavern setting. No, there's not much "to do" in Litchfield, but if you want to experience Connecticut....its one of our proudest examples. This is what you think of when you think "Connecticut".
''To save the daughter of Prince Floopaloo, you must go and seek out the dreaded Litch!''
''Where can I find this fiend?''
''Why, in Litchfield, of course!''
by Johnny Danbury April 07, 2011
the act of having sex with someone really quickly and awfully, aka rabbit sex
Did you and Ian have sex?
Yeah.. but he totally litchfielded me
by erica james March 17, 2008
n. Where/When nothing is going on.
v. (litchfielding) Doing nothing because nothing is going on.
n. This is Litchfield right now.

v. I hate Litchfielding because nobody ever wants to host.
by Litchfield July 12, 2009
alright... so if Connecticut is nowhere... Litchfield is the middle
"the answer: a place where nothing happens, there is nothing to do, and no one leaves their house. the question: what is Litchfield?"
by Bill Krylak August 03, 2003

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