lost in translation-under the influence of a drug or alcohol
I'm lit off this whiskey
by kemosabi August 05, 2006
an excellent alternative rock band from california. they recieved their big break from the release of A Place in the Sun. very popular during the 1999-2000 period.
i saw Lit at the crazy donkey, and hung out with them aftwerwards! they rocked!
by Bobby Chan November 28, 2004
adj. - Educated or well-read. Short for "literate."
Ah cain't talks like a normal people, I ain't lit.
by C. Hazelwood September 19, 2003
Low Income Tendency
That LIT in front of us is driving a shitbox so don't get too close to him.
by MOJORISIN' September 27, 2013
"Lesbian in Training" When a straight girl has potential to be a lesbian (and eventually will become one...with some persuasion)
Julie: You see that girl? She keeps making eyes at me.
Eve: She has a boyfriend...
Julie: Doesn't matter, she's totally LIT.
Eve: Go get her!
by LLITG December 02, 2011
L.I.T. (Lost in Translation): The unintentional act of indirect but direct discommunication
" hey Jaws read the definition of L.I.T." said the innocent bystander. "Woaaa umm what? umm I don't get it" replies Jaws "and that's why we call it L.I.T." concluded the innocent bystander
by JayCee NBD July 05, 2011
Abbreviation for Lesbian In Training
noun 1. A female, generally a teenager, who (consciously or not) is expressing certain (often stereotyped) characteristics of a lesbian.
One friend: I'm telling you, Jenny is a L.I.T.
Other friend: Are you sure? She could just be a tom-boy.
First friend: Nah. Look at the way she dresses, the way she walks, and have you ever heard her mention boys?
Second friend: Now that you mention it...
by this too shall pass March 06, 2008

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