In reference to a persons state after smoking a ton of weed.
"Eden is trippin!"

"yeah mate, he's totally lit!"
by geeayay April 25, 2014
The act of which a person is excited, or hype due to an upcoming event.
"Martha, you to damn lit for this party next weekend!"
by richcocoa November 07, 2013
The act of getting completely stoned and wastingly drunk.
This started when the hippies found that pot keeps you from having a hangover the next morning.
"Lit" people are usually too drunk to be mellow and too bombed to hurt others, this results in them bleeding themselves.
"Duuude, we all got lit last night and Tom jumped out the window trying to make it to the neighbors roof."

Me: puff, puff, pass
lit idiot: "watch me break this door with my head"
Me: "I'll call the ambulance in advance so you won't have to wait so long"
<lit idiot breaks head with door>
by McNostril November 13, 2005
drunker than a son-of-a-bitch
last night I was lit like a god damn christmas tree
by David Shantz July 13, 2004
refering to an extreme drunken state
Last night we went to the club and i got lit.
by James Absher July 27, 2008
lost in translation-under the influence of a drug or alcohol
I'm lit off this whiskey
by kemosabi August 05, 2006
an excellent alternative rock band from california. they recieved their big break from the release of A Place in the Sun. very popular during the 1999-2000 period.
i saw Lit at the crazy donkey, and hung out with them aftwerwards! they rocked!
by Bobby Chan November 28, 2004

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