a descriptive term for someone who is, or appears to be, heavily influenced by literature or the act and habit of reading books in general. prone to embracing an East Coast style, wearing understated yet unique clothing, drinking tea, embracing the introspective nature of winter, and loving Andrew Bird and movies about offbeat human relationships. "lit" is often confused with "hipster" and "indie," but is more of a persuasion than an actual quantifiable stereotype or scene.
I saw Peter dissapear into a free-trade coffee shop looking so dapper in those wingtip shoes and that red sweater. he was carrying a white paperback.. it may have been Franny and Zooey, but it could have been any other Salinger novel. I walked in and told him he looked especially lit today, to which he replied, "does that mean you think I am high?"
by forsythia March 30, 2009
Acronym for "Life Is Tough". Often said to someone if they start complaining.
Can also be stressed by saying LIFT (Life is fucking tough)
Jason: "I'm really tired"

Cat: "Ah well, LIT"
by Riow November 10, 2008
Abbreviation for Lesbian In Training
noun 1. A female, generally a teenager, who (consciously or not) is expressing certain (often stereotyped) characteristics of a lesbian.
One friend: I'm telling you, Jenny is a L.I.T.
Other friend: Are you sure? She could just be a tom-boy.
First friend: Nah. Look at the way she dresses, the way she walks, and have you ever heard her mention boys?
Second friend: Now that you mention it...
by this too shall pass March 06, 2008
to be so fucking mad.
I was so lit when she fired me.
by Karolyn May 01, 2005
Slang term for Literotica.
I was late for work. Spent way too much time on Lit again.
by breakwall January 14, 2005
adj. - Educated or well-read. Short for "literate."
Ah cain't talks like a normal people, I ain't lit.
by C. Hazelwood September 19, 2003
Low Income Tendency
That LIT in front of us is driving a shitbox so don't get too close to him.
by MOJORISIN' September 27, 2013

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