Being drunk or high. When something is very exciting or fulfilling. It can be anything positive or in a good way or live.
"Damn bro, the party is about to be lit tonight!"
by romanji757 September 02, 2014
The act of getting completely stoned and wastingly drunk.
This started when the hippies found that pot keeps you from having a hangover the next morning.
"Lit" people are usually too drunk to be mellow and too bombed to hurt others, this results in them bleeding themselves.
"Duuude, we all got lit last night and Tom jumped out the window trying to make it to the neighbors roof."

Me: puff, puff, pass
lit idiot: "watch me break this door with my head"
Me: "I'll call the ambulance in advance so you won't have to wait so long"
<lit idiot breaks head with door>
by McNostril November 13, 2005
the act of being awesome and legit
man, that go cart ride was littttttttttt
by steelbass February 13, 2010
refering to an extreme drunken state
Last night we went to the club and i got lit.
by James Absher July 27, 2008
Lesbian in training.
My friend Kerrianna is a LIT.

Your mom is a LIT.
by Litface June 08, 2010
1) An abbreviated version of "legit"

2) An abbreviated version of "littered"

3) Drunk or high

4) Can be used to describe a good looking guy/girl. as in saying they're on fire!
1) "Dude how did you miss that party last night? it was LIT!"

2) "Wow, this place is seriously lit with trannys."

3) "Did I really do that? Shit, i was way too lit last night"

4) "See that guy over there? He's seriously lit..daaaang"
by jlad234 August 25, 2009
lost in translation-under the influence of a drug or alcohol
I'm lit off this whiskey
by kemosabi August 05, 2006

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