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Abbreviation for Vagina, but is used more as a gross term than good.
What's that smell? oh, it's probably Lisa's vag. Oh man, that sushi looks like someones vag!!
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
Bacon burn is a rash specifically on the inner thighs of a fat person from walking. The thighs are so fat, they rub up against each other when the person is walking, and causes burning, chaffing and redness, similar to the sight of bacon.
Oh man, that chick is so fat, her thighs are walking around each other; she must get bad bacon burn. Or:
Yo, that fat chick is burning some bacon, you see that?
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
To hit from a bong so that the burning weed gets sucked completely through the carb, leaving a clean empty bowl to pack to shit in. To finish up the weed in the bowl.
Yo, hurry up and snap that shit.
Don't give me your burnt up bowl, snap that shit.
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
Done, out of fashion, ugly, gross, non-fashionable, not kept up or clean.
Yo, that bitch is had it!!
What do you think of Jessica?, ah man, that chick is had it.
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
Usually someone who is normal but has a lot of characteristics of a midget. Short Height, huge head & brow, stubby looking sausage fingers, etc.
Yo, what is that? a midget? nah, dude I think it's a fidget. Get off me bitch, you look like a fidget. Hey, who's gonna tell tony his girl is a fidget?
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
An uncircumcized penis who's foreskin is pulled back to reveal the head. Like twisting a lipstick tube.
When the bitches say, "oh god girl, my man has to be circumcized, i'm not into no dog or lipstick penis."
by Ridizog June 01, 2004

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