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To have sex.
To be fucked.
I just wanna get pieced man!
by Carmina November 18, 2006
To stimulate a guy's penis with your hand.
Did you give him a bracelet?
by Carmina September 06, 2006
To put your fingers up a female's vagina to make her orgasm.
Did you finger paint?
by Carmina September 06, 2006
I heard it in rap songs, lol, also referred to as "duracelled" (unsure of spelling) the brand name. I assumed it meant to get fucked in the arse ie. anal sex.
That girl just got battery by three guys.
by Carmina August 18, 2006
Lipstick means oral sex, which is stimulating, for example, a guy's penis, with your mouth.
Did you give him lipstick?
by Carmina September 06, 2006
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