A band that are undoubtedly superb. They are not a band that whines about their parents etc etc. If these fuckers above actually listened to their music they would understand that they are not just crying about their parents. The people above who are critisizing them should actually experience what they are critisizing before they judge it.
Example of person who has not listened to Linkin Park: milkshake
by starsandpencils March 02, 2005
A band isulted by losers who know nothing about them and don't understand that you can't form a good opinion on a band by listening to them for ten seconds. Their music is a mix of rock, old school hip hop, and electronic vibes.
"I heard 'Numb.' Linkin Park sucks."
"Listen to more of their music, you'll like it."
by someone March 08, 2005
Linkin park is famous for creating something new, and puting new sounds together. I'm not saying they are some geniouses or anything, but they created something new. I hear people saying "all of their songs are the same and about running away". they are truly about how one of the singers was a drug addict before, and what it felt like and how he recovered.
I think people try to diss them because they hear that "they are so great" so they try to make up that they suck and they are the lamest-ass-pussies ever, before they know who they are. Maybe its just not your type of music.
- "They are band that managed to combine rap and pop into some sort of fucked up hybrid that makes me lose all faith in human kind...." - that is just funny
by MAKeaton242 March 05, 2005
One of the latest pop sensations. Linkin park are not dissimilar to other boy bands like the backstreet boys. All of their songs are about their parents in one way or another and how they are so angry at them. Their genre has been called such things as rock metal rap ect, however they have started a reasonably new genre called angry parent rock because all they do is scream about their parents.

The fans of these bands 14 year old skanks and boys of all ages because they think its hardcore alternative shit. In defense of liking this utter tripe they say things like 'each to their own' and "if you don’t like it shut the fuck up" This is expected from Linkin Park fans because it is generic and they have no mind of their own just like the band they blindly worship.
Linkin Park Singer: I AM ANGRRRRY AT MYYY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!
Linkin Park fan: You fucking rock! I said fuck! i listen to linkin park! I am the most hardcore badass dude in teh world!!!
human being: why dont you just dance along to 'hit me baby one more time'
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005
1. Rap/metal/rock band with an intriguing beat and dark lyrics.

2. A group known only for the lead singer, Chester Bennington, who pretty much makes Linkin Park what it is.

3. Regarding quality of music: To all their own. Yet the blatant messages of teenage angst don't always apply...even though most of their fanbase is stuck on the literal.

4. Albums include: Meteora, Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Collision Course (collaboration w/JayZ)
She can't hide no matter how much she tries,
Her secret disguised behind the lies.
And at night she cries away her pride,
With eyes shut tight staring at her inside.
All her friends know why she can't sleep at night.
All her family asking if she's alright.
All she wants to do is get rid of this hell.
But all she's gotta do is stop kidding herself.


Damn, your music's so teenage angst it could rival Linkin Park's.
by Caisha Sin'ya April 16, 2005
A really hybrid and brilliant Alternative-metal band who are expanding the boundaries of rock and metal alike.tHEY ARE ONE OF THE ONLY non-explicit metal band (that is on their albums) and they are somehow discredited for that (WHY THE HELL??DO YOU IDIOTS THINK THAT SWEARING IS MATURE?) People tend to misunderstand them,the guitar riffs are heavy.Play them on Karaoke and you'd see.The isnger screams like all of new metal and there is a touch of rapcore wit mike in it.And PLEASE dont deny they are atleast Alt-Metal.I can give you SOLID proof that they are.Please open real player,play a linkin-park song and check out the classification and the truthful description give.Go On,You'd get it.And another thing,LISTEN to each song atleast twice,any hybrid band takes time to get used to.Yet I do hope they get started on their new album now.
Linkin Park have realeased two good albums :- Meteora and Hybrid theory.
by MetalMade March 25, 2005
the best band in the world. they combine all sorts of emotions and genres that create an amazing sound with amazing meaning behind every word. every one of their albums seem to have a different genre, but that just shows how talented they are. they don't stick to just one genre, they explore all genres, which is very difficult to pull off, but they successfully do it. their lyrics aren't just aimed toward "angsty teens". they're aimed toward everyone experiences the things they sing about. they have heart and soul and depth in their lyrics, something the rest of today's music lacks.
Linkin Park is life. The end.
by Phunkie July 26, 2011

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