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A badass song by Pantera, on the Vulgar display of power album.
RE-SPECT. Walk. Are you talkin' to me!?
by Delthryn February 28, 2005
1. A long pole with a blade fixed on the end of it, used by the infantry in medieval times.

2. The turnpike, a highway on which you must usually pay a toll when you get off.

3. A fish commonly found in northern lakes and ponds. Very aggressive.
1. The soldiers charged, waving their pikes in the air as they ran.

2. I ran somebody off the pike the other day.

3. Uncle Bremus caught a giant pike the other day.
by Delthryn April 02, 2005
Singer for Arch Enemy, and the sexiest woman alive.
Angela Gossow will kick your ass.
by Delthryn February 14, 2005
Craaaawling up my ass
My anus will not heal.
I wish Linkin park would get anthrax.
by Delthryn June 11, 2005
Another band in the army destined to destroy what we know as music.
We need a Simple plan to kill these motherfuckers.
by Delthryn February 25, 2005
A series of prearranged hand to hand combat movements, used to train the body to react to certain combat situations.
If someone has a gun pointed at you, start doing Kumite three.
by Delthryn April 04, 2005
War without end
No remorse No regret
We don't care what it meant
Another day Another death
Another sorrow Another breath
No remorse No repent
We don't care what it meant
Another day Another death
Another sorrow Another breath.
Enough said. Metallica kicks ass.
by Delthryn June 10, 2005

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