A band that redefines, and recreates something new, that people acually like and sounds good, instead of crap like Country-Rap. Will beat the snott out of you when compared to crap.
I will Linkin Park you if you keep talking like that to me.

I like to Linkin Park this movie.
by David February 17, 2005
Linkin Park Is An Awsome Band. Don't Deny It! 2 vocals, 2 guitarist, 1 DJ, 1 bassist, And 1 keybord. They are awsome nerds letting out all their pain from high school and life. With 2 albums out and 1 being the best selling of 2001.You can't beet that!
A lot of nerds letting out their pain in their vocals.
by {TIA} Faulkenberry February 12, 2005
greatest band eva have a golden touch with there cd just like opra with money also look @ Linkin Park
hybrid theory and meteora rocked im still waiting for there new cd
by king of rock March 14, 2005
A band that never should have teamed up with Jay-Z. I am a fan of Linkin Park's old songs without Jay-Z, the rapper who ruined all their songs.
Linkin Park was cool until it teamed up with that crap-ass rapper, Jay-Z.
by Jin Kazama March 08, 2005
This is the clincher for all of you haters/lovers of Linkin Park:

OK, so it's nu-metal music. So? People have different tastes in music- the idea for things in life is to keep an open mind. This applies to music too.

Some people listen to Slipknot. That's fine by me, if they like it, let them listen to it. Some people listen to Nickelback. OK, if that's their cup of tea, more power to them.

I don't quite frankly care if I get bashed for saying this: Linkin Park are musicians. They all know how to manage their instruments, and they can get a decent sound out of them. Don't you dare tell me that Joseph Hahn cannot DJ, he can turntable and use his computer skills exquisitely, and don't you dare tell me Brad Delson is a "guitard", he can shape chords even if they're not the most complex.

The vocal styling for Linkin Park is undoubedly generic nu-metal, but so what? What distincts them from other nu-metal acts are the people who are doing it. There is not going to be another Shinoda or Bennington, period. They are the only ones with their kind of vocal tone.

To the haters, I'm getting the vibe from your flames, bashing, unconstructive criticism, and full-out spam that you are all simply immature 5th graders that have nothing better to do than:

A)Jump on the bandwagon and insult a musically capable band just because everyone else is...

B)Fill a site up with pointless remarks that I can HARDLY DEFINE AS A _DEFINITION_.

If you are older than 10, I feel sorry for you. Your sloppy typing makes people recieve a bad reflection of you, but that's a different story.

You can't go and tell people "Oh, LP sucks, go listen to some <band>" What they listen to is their preference, not yours. Keep an open mind about things in the future.

Because, didn't your elders tell you "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all?" Those were one of the best life lessons I've learned, and I took it to heart. So should you. But if your brain is just too weak to process this information, I suggest you go back to school and go learn something from your local pastor.
Bands that are currently being bashed around the online community:

Linkin Park.
Limp Bizkit.
Fall Out Boy.
Hawthorne Heights.

They all do one thing or another, but they're still musicians. Remember that.
by Educated Guess July 31, 2006
1)a nu-rock band
2)a grave yard somewhere in america(im not a fan of america, and im not looking it up srz)
coz in the end it dosent realy matter
by Zepth August 19, 2004
The most successful band in the world that combines rock, rap and electronic music. I love them and if you actually listen their lyrics they really do describe a lot of real emotions.

Unlike the people who classify themselves as a rap artist because they string a few words together and are surrounded by half naked woman and weed in their videos. Real rap artists are eminem, tupac, dr dre etc.

And please ignore the musically obnixous twats on here who classify linkin park as 'emo' because the lead singer isn't a sex addict who objectives women and smokes weed all day long doing fuck all, and making money from it.

Phew, had to get that off my chest :D


Normal person: wtf?
by LpRandomperson July 09, 2011
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