A kickass band from Agoura Hills, California. The only GOOD band that can combine rap and rock together. And despite their song Breaking The Habit, the band is NOT emo. Some good Linkin Park songs are Numb, Faint, From The Inside, What I've Done, In The End, Crawling, Somewhere I Belong, Paper Cut, Given Up, One Step Closer, Hit The Floor, Nobodys Listening, and many more. Anyone who says that they suck can lick a shit-stained taint.
Idiot: Linkin Park sucks!
Me: Go lick some balls. Linkin Park kicks ass.
Idiot: Oh yeah, well the main singer has a whiny, crybaby voice.
Me: Shut the fuck up. You can tell me that Linkin Park sucks when YOU can sing like Chester Bennington!
*Beats the living shit out of Idiot*
by Death Shredder June 26, 2007
Call them what you will, Linkin Park is still nu metal garbage. Their lyrics are maudlin and cliche and reflexive only of stupid teenage emotion. (Apparently the singers are pissed about being ignored in high school. Give me a fucking break.)

The real kicker is that their fans think they are "hardcore" because they listen to this tripe.
Good god, do they actually have a period at the end of their name??? And people abide by this nonsense??!!
by scene whore April 13, 2005
A Shit Band That is soooooo overrated. No interesting instrumentation. Fails at screaming. 3 million mindless fans which of whom NONE are over the age of 21.
"Linkin Park Suck Balls"

Captain Obvious on Linkin Park
by This Guy is better than Him June 06, 2009
the crappy nu metal with the annoying crying baby lead singer. they have the fan base of 15 year old bitches who watch too much mtv.
do u know linkin park?

yeah, i know that overrated band which their music videos being too overplayed on mtv.
by fgsdfgsdg April 17, 2007
A Nu-Metal band that is extremely popular with Teens, mostly because their songs are so Angsty. They got 6 members in the band, everyone only knows the two vocalists. Mike Shinoda who raps, and Chester Bennington, who screams. There songs range from singing about sorrow and sorrow. They suck.
Linkin Park fans will give me a thumbs down.
by Mr. Zimpy February 01, 2010
A niggerization of true metal, with a combination of pre-pubescent rapping vocals, horrid Backstreet Boy-esque clean vocals, emo lyrics (I bleed it out! digging deeper just to throw it away), and an overall lack of talent (which can be seen by the fact the guitarists get away with nothing but power chords.) Not to mention that they sold out from nu-metal (which is already extremely commerial) to alternative/pop/bullshit. This band sucks. All their fans are 12 year old faggots named Gerald who like massive cock shoved up their asshole. That is all.
Gerald : Hey, have you heard the Linkin Park album?
Me: No, you're gay.
Gerald : Yep.
by youtube.com/channelofhatred January 09, 2010
A shitty emo band that has no talent at all. The lead singer only screams and when he actually sings, it sounds like shit. The "rapper" has absolutely no talent and cannot rap worth a shit.

Guy 1: Yo, let's go to a Linkin Park concert!

Guy 2: No, you punk-ass bitch! Linkin Park sucks!
by Maccer May 26, 2005
The worst fukan band known to man. Consist of about 6 ass clowns who sound like shit and look like shit. They are considered metal, when really there nothing more than crappy, poppy, useless, mainstream whores. They are the epitome of what is bad with music, and are nothing more than shit nu metal. Their singer sound like angry little chihuaha, and their rapper sounds like a cat being run over. Totally lowered themselves by teaming with that dirty nigger Jay Z. Now exist soley for the purpose of destroying today's youth. A disgrace to everything rock and music stands for. All members should be shot, then cut into lots of little bits, then burned. May they rot in hell
Linkin Park are the worst band known to mankind. They make the Spice Girls look like the originators of music. Liking them will totally ruin your social life

Fag: "Hey dude, wana go listen to some Linkin Park?!"
Normal person: "Dude your a fuken loser, go and die, just wait till I tell everyone, get out of my site shit stain"
by LPHATER June 25, 2005

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